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Sexual Health / General Wellness / Cosmetics & Dermatology / Brain Health

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We have several prescription therapies for a broad range of treatable conditions

Sexual Health RX

Erectile Dysfunction, Low Libido & Sexual Arousal disorders can all be treated

Cosmetics & Dermatology

We can treat hair-loss & help improve the quality of your skin, hair and nails.

Health & Wellness

Lose weight, improve your immune system, build muscle & feel better.

Brain Health

Mental illness and dementia can now be considered epidemics.

For just $49.95/yr, you get Unlimited Medical Consultations, Access to Medication Refills & Educational Materials.

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FOUNDER: Dr Brent Agin MD

We have helped over people just like you get healthy and stay healthy.

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The average cost for an in-person wellness visit with a medical doctor is $460* TelewellnessMD® was designed to provide professional wellness guidance at a low cost so you can invest your money in your wellness therapies not office visits - unlimited consultations for $49.95 per year.
* Data collected from Rupa Health

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