What is Telewellness™?

Telewellness™ is a telehealth solution for wellness healthcare.

Telehealth involves the distribution of healthcare services, recommendations, prescriptions and information using electronic information and telecommunication technologies facilitating long distance contact between healthcare providers and patients. Telehealth is similar to telemedicine, but on a broader scale.  While telemedicine applies specifically to remote clinical services, telehealth involves both clinical and non-clinical services as well as education and training.

Wellness healthcare is different from traditional medicine as it focuses on prevention, not disease. Wellness programs help people improve their health, overcome illness or disease through positive lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, better nutrition and sleep hygiene.

Traditional medical care centers treat illness as most people go to the doctor when they are sick however, preventing illness before onset is what preventive medicine is targeting.  Preventive and wellness medicine doctors develop ways to prevent disease and keep people healthy.

Telehealth, telemedicine and Telewellness™ are elevating access and convenience of medical care to a higher standard.

As the original Telewellness™ pioneers, our vision was to expand telemedicine and telehealth services by providing access to safe, affordable and convenient wellness healthcare solutions.

Our mission is to provide Telewellness™ solutions for general wellness, age management and weight management through an online platform and a network of wellness medical providers. Our Telewellness™ programs and protocols concentrate on weight loss, performance enhancement, disease management and age management issues using only prevention and optimization in areas of wellness such as; sleep, nutrition, hormones, exercise, diet, inflammation reduction, and lifestyle modification.