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US-Licensed Medical Providers & Pharmacies

Our goals. Our mission...

...All revolve around your well-being.

We are proud to be the only telewellness company run exclusively by medical providers, driven entirely by our patients' satisfaction.

Our Executive Team

Brent Agin MD

Brent Agin MD

CEO, Founder

Sanomi Smith

Jamie Tripp ARPN-C

Medical Director

Jane Tanaka

John Suto CPA

Cheif Financial Officer

Jane Tanaka

Shelley Rajewski

Chief Operations Officer

Olivia Jones

Mark Blake

Chief Legal Officer

Emma Brown

Brandon Kish

Chief Technology Officer

Charlie Welch

Kathy Stocks RN

Director of Clinical Support

Olivia Jones

Ashley Suto

Personal Wellness Advisor

Olivia Jones

Zoe Morrow

Personal Wellness Advisor

Olivia Jones

Sarah Weidemeyer

Personal Wellness Advisor

Providers: Do you want to integrate Wellness Medicine into your practice?

Intuitive RX platform, Clinical Resources, Compounding Pharmacies & Medical Training. Everything you need to Securely Integrate Wellness Medicine into your Practice

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