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BPC-157 10mg

BPC 157: Body Protection Compound – 157

BPC 157 is a peptide composed of a 15-chain sequence of amino acids and is a partial sequence of body protecting compounds that was discovered and isolated from human gastric (stomach) juice.

BPC 157 can be prescribed to help:

repair damage caused by inflammation promote gut healing accelerate wound healing help strengthen and heal tendons, ligaments and bones reduce pain from muscle sprains/tears other tissue damage such as skin burns.

BPC works by accelerating the rate of repair of damaged blood vessels while also promoting the development of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). The creation of new blood vessel networks is a key process for wound healing. BPC 157 is also strongly associated with the protection of the gastrointestinal tract, especially from certain medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID) that can cause gastric ulcers. It has also been found to be helpful in the management of other gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases such as Ulcerative colitis and Chron’s disease.

For optimum results, BPC 157 is most likely to be effective therapeutically if injected either by intramuscular (IM) or subcutaneous (SQ) injection. Most synthetic peptides are not absorbed well by the body if taken orally.

Potential Benefits:

Improvement in joint health: BPC 157 promotes healthy tendon and ligament healing by accelerating the growth and spread of fibroblasts, which are cells found in connective tissues that are involved in the creation of collagen. Mends muscles and tendons: BPC 157 has muscle and tendon mending properties, which can help repair sports related injuries where the tissues need to be rejuvenated. Accelerate healing: With its well-known fracture and wound healing aspects, BPC 157 injection therapy is known to promote bone repair and improve overall bone health. Protects against intestinal and gut damage: BPC 157 can help overcome problems related to short gut (short bowel syndrome: SBS) and can help repair damaged tissues caused by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It can also act as an anti-ulcer agent and a NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) antidote. NSAIDs can be toxic to the gut and frequent use can lead to ulcers and an irritation of the bowels. BPC 157 is able to counteract symptoms associated with taking aspirin, such as bleeding.

For more information about the benefits and uses of peptide therapy protocols prescribed by TeleWellnessMD® providers, download our free guide: TeleWellnessMD® Peptide Guide

Disclaimer: Compounded medications are customized pharmaceutical products and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for the treatment of any medical condition. Compounded medications offered as an alternative to FDA approved medications and may contain FDA approved medications and non-FDA approved medications.

*This product is not FDA approved and therefore outside of clinical use, but substantial information is available on its role in clinical observational trials.

BPC-157 helps to improve joint health, mend muscles and tendons, accelerate bone healing, and protects against intestinal and gut damage.


BPC-157 Acetate 10mg Vial

Price: $349.95

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