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Melanotan II 10mg

Melanotan II Injection 

Melanotan II injection therapy can be prescribed to both men and women to increase skin pigmentation for sunless tanning and to overcome symptoms of sexual dysfunction.  In men it can induce erections and restore erectile function.  In women it can influence subjective arousal and desire.

Potential Benefits:

  • PRODUCES ERECTIONS - Melanotan II will initiate an erection without the need for sexual stimulation.  
  • TANNING OF THE SKIN - Melanotan II is similar to a substance in our bodies, called “melanocyte-stimulating hormone,” which increases the production of skin-darkening pigments. 

About Melanotan II

Melanotan II is a melanocortin-4 receptor agonist that activates key internal pathways important in sexual response.  Deep inside the brain, the substance activates hypothalamic and limbic emotional structures that naturally flare during sexual arousal.  Research has shown that synthetic melanotropic peptides can initiate erections in men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction caused by predominantly psychological versus physiologic causes). Similar positive effects can be seen in women with low libido. Melanocortin also stimulates melanogenesis, a process responsible for pigmentation primarily of the hair and skin.  Melanocortin receptors can affect adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) as well as activation of the melanocortin receptors responsible for its effect on pigmentation, regulation of appetite, metabolism and sexual behavior. 

Side Effects:

Melanotan II injection therapy may cause nausea, stomach cramps, decreased appetite, flushing, tiredness, yawning, darkened skin, spontaneous erections of the penis, and other side effects.  The libido increases 2 to 6 hours after injections with a peak at around 12 hours and can last for 24-36 hours. 

Combining this with a PDE-5 medication (Viagra, Cialis) may be a successful combination, but should only be done when your medical provider is aware of your condition and medication use. 

There is a risk for priapism (prolonged erection) with the use of this injection with or without other medications.

 ****Do not use this product if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or are breastfeeding as there isn’t enough known about melanotan II to determine safety of use to an unborn baby or baby. 

For more information about the benefits and uses of lifestyle therapy protocols discreetly prescribed by TeleWellnessMD® providers, download our free guide: TeleWellnessMD® Lifestyle Therapies Guide. For more information about the benefits and uses of peptide therapy protocols prescribed by TeleWellnessMD® providers, download our free guide: TeleWellnessMD® Peptide Guide 

Disclaimer: Compounded medications are customized pharmaceutical products and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for the treatment of any medical condition. Compounded medications offered as an alternative to FDA approved medications and may contain FDA approved medications and non-FDA approved medications. 

*This product is not FDA approved and therefore outside of clinical use, but substantial information is available on its role in clinical observational trials.

Melanotan II injection therapy can be prescribed to both men and women to increase skin pigmentation for sunless tanning and to overcome symptoms of sexual dysfunction.


Melanotan II 10mg vial

Price: $349.95

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