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GAC Injection 10ml

GAC (Glutamine/Arginine/L-Carnitine) Injection

GAC stands for glutamine, arginine and carnitine- a popular mixture of amino acids that occur naturally in the human body. Supplementing these amino acids can give the body additional support for weight loss, fitness, sexual health and general well-being.

The combination of GAC helps convert glycogen to energy, rather than fat, making it easier to burn calories. GAC’s action can help increase stamina, increase energy levels, improve circulation, reduce tissue and joint inflammation, prevent muscle loss, increase growth hormone levels, convert stored fat into energy, and balance hormones.

L-Glutamine is the body’s most abundant amino acid in blood and muscle cells and is the building block for all essential proteins. Glutamine is a critical component of the immune system and stress management and can contribute to intestinal health. Under certain conditions such as stress, inflammation and intense exercise, glutamine levels are depleted, therefore supplementing glutamine can be an excellent corrective measure. Recently, there has been research focused on glutamine’s role in intestinal health for those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

L-Arginine is converted by the body into another important substance - nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels which is vital for healthy blood flow to the heart and organs throughout the body (including genitals). Nitric oxide aids blood vessels to maintain the flexibility needed for unrestricted blood flow. Due to Arginine’s positive effects on blood circulation, workout performance and muscle recovery time improves, leading to an increase in your fat burning rate. This improved blood flow can also help improve and maintain blood pressure and proper sexual function.

L- Carnitine is produced by the liver and kidneys and helps the body turn fat into energy by elevating enzymes needed to effectively metabolize sugars, starches and other carbohydrates. Studies show carnitine reduces body fat, increases muscle mass, improves stamina and strength and lessens fatigue, which may all help contribute to weight loss. Those who exercise can benefit from carnitine supplementation as it helps reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, which is responsible for the burn felt inside the muscles during strenuous exercise.

Potential Benefits:

Improves metabolism Improves fat burning Hormone support Supports immune system Supports digestive system Increases energy Support weight loss General wellness support

For more information about the benefits and uses of vitamin injection therapy protocols prescribed by TeleWellnessMD ™ providers, download our free guide: TeleWellnessMD™ Vitamin Injection Guide.

Disclaimer: Compounded medications are customized pharmaceutical products and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for the treatment of any medical condition. Compounded medications offered as an alternative to FDA approved medications and may contain FDA approved medications and non-FDA approved medications.

The GAC injection is a mix of the popular amino acids, glutamine, arginine and l-carnitine. These amino acids can help support weight loss, fitness and general well being.


Glutamine 25mg, L-Arginine 100mg, L-Carnitine 250mg per mL

Price: $129.95

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