TeleWellnessMD is a platform that manages your wellness needs through convenient online or phone consultations with one of our wellness providers.

We do not manage primary care and expect that all TeleWellnessMD clients maintain an established relationship with a primary care physician with routine checkups. Our wellness programs are individualized based on your needs and may include laboratory testing which can give further information about your wellness status. You may be prescribed various compounded pharmaceutical therapies as part of your wellness plan. All of our pharmaceutical products are made in a premium compounding pharmacy, certified and licensed in states nation-wide.

More and more people are turning to telemedicine, not only for the convenience, but also because it is much more cost-effective! A wellness consultation is only $49.95, compared to hundreds or more at your doctor’s office or an anti-aging center.

Regulations require you to receive a consultation with a licensed medical professional in order to receive any vitamin or nutraceutical injections, hcg detox or peptide therapies.

TelewellnessMD can take care of your wellness needs with health professionals, products and protocols to serve your needs. Our wellness platform is perfect to get you started on achieving your healthy goals. Chat with one of our Wellness Advisors now or call +1(877)659-6050 to get started today!

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Access TeleWellnessMD from wherever you are – home, work or even on vacation.

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Get a personalized wellness plan.Whether you are trying to lose weight, preserve your health, or maximize your wellness, we can help.


“ TeleWellnessMD will save you time and money with our affordable products and services.”

RX Injections require a Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultations can be scheduled and completed in a matter of minutes! Talk to a doctor today to enroll in the plan that best suits your needs and conforms to your life!

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