Several disorders have been linked to possible vitamin B12 deficiencies. These TeleWellnessMD® clients say they used Trim® Methylcobalamin to overcome struggles with anemia, weight gain, fatigue, sluggish metabolism, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.

“For years I struggled with holding onto weight and never feeling right! I was tired ALL THE TIME. On the inside I was screaming to run and jump, but my body was not fully fueled. I attributed this to the birth of my first daughter 5 years ago and decided that this was the tiredness that I would become used to as a mom! I then developed more severe symptoms of anemia and B12 deficiency (that I found runs in families of Northern European descent.) This was a major wake up call for me. Anemia made me feel fatigued, dizzy, with tingling in my feet and head rushes. My anemia was caused from blood loss during childbirth. My body was never able to recover and I realized that I needed a boost!

I knew that B12 helped boost energy and mood, but it is needed to restore red blood cells and for the function of the brain and nervous system. I researched B12 shots and found that they are the most effective way to get this vitamin into your system. I found that at the doctors I would be paying $40 for one shot (plus driving there twice a week!!) I wanted a reputable company and felt safe ordering from Trim Nutrition. I used to be afraid of needles, but once giving myself a shot, I realized that done right, you don’t even feel it! Not only do I feel GREAT, but I have lost 25lbs!! My body feels amazing!! All of the years that I spent feeling fatigued make me want to tell moms that they don’t have to feel that way! Thank you for helping me restore what my body lost and for helping MAKE MY BODY BETTER!!”

—Marissa M.

“I have used a few rounds of Trim Nutrition’s Methylcobalamin B12 injections in the past and I was amazed at how much of a difference I felt within an hour of each dose. My energy was through the roof which in turn, helped me with my stamina and intensity when working out. I would highly recommend the Methyl B12 to anyone that has been struggling with low energy and looking to take your training to the next level. It also helped me in a way that I wasn’t expecting, my hair was thicker. Come to find out, hair loss can be a symptom of a B12 deficiency. Thank you Trim Nutrition!”

–Jeanie R.

“As a nurse I have always tried to be healthy. Trim Nutrition is just that. Everyone is always so nice and helpful, I have never had an issue. The products truly work! B12 injections are my favorite. Thanks so much for keeping me healthy!”

—Brittany B.

“I’ve had cancer and have issues with hair and skin after treatments, I use the vitamin B12 shots and they have helped so much, I have tried other companies, but they come and go and quality is iffy at best. Love, love, love you guys!”

–Sharyl P.

“I’ve tried every diet out there! I know how to eat right and work out faithfully. But after 50 the lbs came anyway. The B-12 injections was the additional boost I needed to take off the extra lbs and maintain my ideal weight. Thank you!”

–Tami N.

“Since I have started my B-12 Injections things have been a major improvement with my general over all being. This is the best thing that I could have done. Thanks to your support and getting me back on track.”

–Jerry A.

“I was diagnosed with low B12 and despite taking sublinguals, it wasn’t until I tried B12 injections that my symptoms went away and I felt like myself again. Thanks!”

–Gregory G.

“I had been suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for about 12 months. I had seen 4 different doctors, had many types of tests including looking at my upper and lower G.I. with cameras. The doctors basically told me they could only treat my symptoms with pain pills, they do not know why some people get IBS. I will not get into telling you about the many symptoms that I had except to say physically I was a wreck. I was fortunate enough to be mentally o.k. and spent what little energy I had online looking for a reason. After reading about different ailments that were being treated with B-12, I decided to start taking some oral B-12, this did not work. Then I read that B-12 cannot be properly digested if you have conditions related to low B-12. A catch 22. So, I found TeleWellnessMD, and ordered the Methylcobalamin B-12. Within 2 hours of my first injection I had relief, no….I had total relief! This was to me, at that time, crazy, over a year of suffering, and now I had hope. It has been almost 2 years since my first injection, I eat well now, exercise and take my B-12 injections. I have lost 70 LBS now, (I am a very strong healthy 60 year old man. I keep a healthy outlook on life because of being healthy, healthy begets healthy. One last note: All my B-12 test results before I was cured where in the normal range.”

—Ron S.

“I have been using the B-12 products for months and my energy and metabolism has increased 10 fold. I just started some of the nutrients so I can’t wait for the results with that.”

–Wade A.

“I have been using products from Trim and Telewellness now for a few years and have meet many of my goals seeing results after results. I have shared my success with friends and family and they have seen a change as well. I love how you all are able to really connect and help the customers in their purchases, thanks for everything.”

—Michael W.

“I have been using Trim Max AC for quite some time now, with this and a healthy diet I have manage to drop 100 lbs. I have gotten off all my blood pressure medication and have more energy than ever before!”

Charles S.

“I have been taking Trim Original for about a month. I have noticed that my mood is more elevated and it helps chase away anxiety and depression. Love this product and will be getting more soon.”

—Wendy W.

“I’ve used the Methylcobalamin B12 shot injections since 2011 plus on other occasions used the Trim Complete. It came in handy while I was anemic for a couple years.”

–Nanette M.

I am not a review-writer.  In fact I’ve done perhaps one or two in my life.  I am in my 50s and, over the last 12 years, have gone through 8 years of fertility treatment to have my son (finally), followed shortly by full blown menopause.  I have an extremely stressful sole practice as an attorney along with the stress of being the sole financial support for my family, and I have also recently moved my mother with late stage dementia into my home.  I have never dealt well with stress, have had trouble sleeping since my 30s and tend to be a workaholic taking little time to exercise or eat right.


Over the years since my 30s I’ve tried various supplements and medication to help with stress, sleep, lack of energy, lack of focus, etc. to no avail.  Sleep medications were useless as I’d awake feeling like I hadn’t slept and then suffer all sorts of hangover and other effects.   As for prescription mood stabilizers or sedatives/tranquilizers ….don’t get me started…after a couple weeks I felt like a strung out addict — jittery and snapping at everyone in my path.


I began with Telewellness to obtain Methylcalbomin injections which is one thing I found helped my energy levels during the day – sleep or no sleep.  Based on my symptoms the doctor with Telewellness suggested Sermorelin.  I had never heard of it so did some quick research and decided to try it although my expectations were low.  The rest, as they say, is history.  The various improvements took place over time.  First, I immediately began sleeping better.  And not just sleeping…dreaming like crazy.  It never dawned on me over the years that I rarely had dreams any more — a key indicator of truly getting the “good” sort of sleep.  Then I noticed I was a LOT more even tempered and able to handle stress without “losing it” more during the day.  Logically that could be due to simply getting more and better sleep – who knows – but that has continued to improve as have my concentration and energy levels.  I’m more focused and able to accomplish more.  I have been taking Sermorelin for about 3 months now and, honestly, the change is nothing short of miraculous.  I began noticing that the belly fat I had accumulated after giving birth and then going through menopause began to reduce even though I was not dieting or exercising differently.  My fat stores seemed to be switching back to my hips and thighs rather than my belly which is the way it had been in my younger adulthood.  I assume a leveling of cortisol?  Then, shocker of shockers, I suddenly started having my period again nearly 2 years post-menopause and without any hormone therapy!


I feel better than I have in YEARS.  I just went on a vacation with my 6 year old son and was FINALLY able to keep up with him the entire time.  The previous vacation all I wanted to do was sleep and be left alone.  What’s more, after two months, the effects seem just as good as from the first week – there is no feeling like I need more or hangover effect or any other adverse side effect.  I simply feel like I went back in time about 15 years or so!  My next goal is to increase my exercise from 3 or so times per week to 5 or so, if not every day.  I finally feel like I can do that – despite my schedule.  I give this product my whole-hearted endorsement as well as the amazing doctor with Telewellness who suggested it. I also have to mention Zoe with Telewellness who has provided me with tireless, personalized service whenever I call.  Truly a great group to work with.

– Susan S.