Integrate TelewellnessMD into Your Practice

TeleWellnessMD™ is an intuitive online medical consultation system and wellness prescription solution that makes integrating wellness based medicine and telemedicine into your practice simple. is the first telemedicine platform with a Wellness Medicine focus, which offers dedicated products and services to the growing wellness consumer population. TeleWellnessMD does not offer typical primary care services and does not prescribe controlled substances, but rather focuses on established therapies that help clients improve their over-all health. For those providers not currently practice wellness medicine, let us show you how you can expand these services into your existing practice using our “My Practice” feature.

Telemedicine has inevitably changed the way consumers approach many medical services and thus, the power of the Internet has created opportunities for physicians and potential clients to connect quickly and inexpensively. The time that doctors are able to spend with patients has declined progressively over the last 15 years due to the insurance driven industry, which makes many consumers turn to other forms of healthcare delivery.

To date, the demand for wellness physicians has really forced the need for a TeleWellnessMD platform to connect consumers looking to improve their health and wellness through supplementation, hormone optimization, antioxidant therapies, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes in a simple and easy way. With insurance failing to cover many of these services, consumers are looking for reliable and more affordable options.

Start building your TeleWellnessMD virtual office today!


If you would like to become part of our TeleWellnessMD physician network simply fill out the following short form and one of our physician representatives will contact you using the contact information you have provided.

If you have any questions please email us at or call our toll free 877-659-6050.

Benefits for patients:

  • Consultations with physicians from the comfort of their own home or office.
  • Receive valuable treatment guidance over the phone or video avoiding the high costs of these non-insurance reimbursable services.
  • Investment in their health. Wellness medicine has proven to offer a $7 return on every $1 invested in wellness products and services.

Benefits for the providers:

  • Build TeleWellnessMD into your current practice structure and add another revenue stream without disrupting your current practice flow. Use ancillary staff such as ARNP’s to help with consultations.
  • Reduce your overhead and practice from the comfort of your own home.
  • Extend your services to a broader geographical area.
  • Improve patient education with more time to focus on the wellness needs that are often left out of medical visits.
  • Focus on keeping people well rather than wait until they are sick –the way medicine should be practiced.