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Covid Symptoms Package

***Please note that the FDA, CDC and WHO have not considered hydroxychloroquine indicated to treat COVID 19. During this pandemic, hospitals are being overwhelmed by COVID patients, which could have been managed at home. Throughout the country, licensed medical doctors from various specialties have publicly announced they have managed thousands of patients using the regimen stated below with almost 100% success rate. We must do what has been found to be successful to save lives and remove the burden of cases that certain hospitals are unable to care for.

Telemedicine visits are being helpful to provide solutions quickly to people in need and have been directly supported by our government agencies. The regimen below is not intended to treat, cure or mitigate disease, but rather give the clinically observed support, which can help people safely manage viral syndromes such as COVID 19 at home.

Remember, when the supportive plan is started early, people may not develop severe symptoms and can quarantine and manage the viral syndrome at home similar to other seasonal viral illnesses. Ask your doctor if they have a COVID plan that you can have prescribed and available if you are to develop symptoms.

Many doctors have been censored after sharing their successful protocols for treating COVID on the news and online. For those at higher risk or with more severe symptoms hundreds of doctors have used hydroxychloroquine, along with azithromycin to prevent secondary pneumonia. These drugs have been blocked for doctor prescribing from many main pharmacy chains, but available at compounding pharmacies. For this reason Telemedicine companies are providing protocols but only through certain pharmacies and insurance cannot be applied.

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