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Taurine Injection 50mg/mL 30mL Vial


Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and make up a large portion of your cells, muscles and tissue.  When amino acids are injected into the body, they stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism.

Taurine is a nonessential amino acid naturally produced in the body.  Taurine  injections can be prescribed to help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, support cardiovascular health, reduce symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome and help heal damage from periodontal disease. Studies have found that Taurine may also reduce triglycerides, prevent obesity, improving insulin resistance, regulate glucose metabolism and lower cholesterol.  Other studies have shown that taurine may improve mood, increase mental sharpness and boost athletic performance.

Potential Benefits:

  • PROMOTES CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH. Taurine has powerful effects on the heart and blood vessels. People with higher levels of taurine have lower body mass index, lower blood pressure, and lower levels of dangerous lipids. Many different mechanisms account for these powerful effects on the heart and blood vessels.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT. Several studies highlight taurine’s ability to improve glucose tolerance and support the anti-obesity and lipid-lowering capabilities of taurine.
  • HELPS FIGHT DIABETES. Taurine helps prevent—and even reverse—many of the consequences associated with diabetes.  Taurine levels are known to be lower among diabetics than they are in healthy individuals and studies support taurine supplementation can restore and maintain healthy taurine levels. Normal taurine concentrations are essential in controlling diabetes and the impact of its consequences.

For more information about the benefits and uses of vitamin injection therapy protocols prescribed by TeleWellnessMD ™ providers, download our free guide: TeleWellnessMD™ Vitamin Injection Guide. 

Disclaimer: Compounded medications are customized pharmaceutical products and have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for the treatment of any medical condition. Compounded medications offered as an alternative to FDA approved medications and may contain FDA approved medications and non-FDA approved medications.

Taurine is a nonessential amino acid that helps to promote cardiovascular health, support healthy body weight, and more.


Taurine 50mg/ml 30ml Vial

Price: $199.95

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