Introducing TeleWellnessMD’s intuitive wellness medicine office solution that makes integrating wellness based medicine into your practice simple.

TeleWellnessMD™ is the leader in wellness-based solutions for providers looking to participate in wellness medicine and increase their practice revenue and job satisfaction. Hundreds of doctors get board certified in age management or functional medicine, but fail to have proper implementation tools to get started. TelewellnessMD™ has all the tools to get your wellness practice going.

It Doesn’t Get Easier to Get Started!

For those providers not currently practice wellness medicine, let us show you how you can expand these services into your existing practice using our “My Practice” feature. We would like to introduce TeleWellnessMD’s – My Practice, to manage both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products and services for the ultimate wellness and prevention opportunity. We provide the technology, patient and physician resources and support for you to implement wellness medicine successfully into your practice model. Our system provides proven wellness protocols and manages your patient’s prescription compounded therapies and oral nutraceuticals to drive additional revenue source into your practice. The best part is there is no upfront or recurring cost, no need to purchase inventory and this solution is simple to use without requiring you to spend weeks switching to a new EMR system. Simply upload your current patient list or add new ones to the platform and start practicing wellness medicine today.

Start building your TeleWellnessMD virtual office today!


If you would like to become part of our TeleWellnessMD physician network simply fill out the following short form and one of our physician representatives will contact you using the contact information you have provided.

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