Frequently Asked Questions

What is TelewellnessMD®?

TelewellnessMD® is a wellness-focused telemedicine solution.  Wellness healthcare is different from traditional medicine as it maximizes health and prevents disease. TelewellnessMD® utilizes both prescription and non-prescription therapies to help people improve health and overcome illness or disease through lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise, better nutrition, and sleep.
TelewellnessMD® does not consult minors under the age of 18, provide primary care, or manage emergent conditions. We focus on the complimentary delivery of wellness care that can directly or indirectly support healthy aging and disease treatment/prevention.

Our medical providers can evaluate and prescribe cutting-edge therapies to support several areas of health and wellness.

Here are some of the conditions we support:

  • Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Immune support
  • Athletic performance improvement
  • Antioxidant support
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Anti-aging support
  • Sexual health solutions
  • Energy improvement through metabolic enhancement
  • Natural and wellness support to most medical conditions
TelewellnessMD® has partnered with Online Wellness Link, a secure application that links licensed medical providers with consumers for safe and secure wellness-based telehealth consultations. OWL’s mission is to provide safe, affordable, and convenient telemedicine solutions for those looking to optimize their lifestyle and prevent disease. OWL only partners with health companies dedicated to wellness due to traditional medicine’s lack of such.
TelewellnessMD® and Online Wellness Link can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. We currently cannot ship prescription therapies outside the United States.

You can access your account from or directly at
TelewellnessMD® and Online Wellness Link are easy to use!  We utilize a convenient subscription service that provides unlimited consultations for 12 months for one low price. The process starts by creating an account and having your initial Wellness Consultation. Consultations are done over the phone or via video chat (required in some states) with a local licensed medical provider.  The provider will review any pertinent medical history and wellness goals to prescribe the most effective and appropriate therapies for your needs. 

Once prescribed any wellness therapies, you access and request your refills on your computer or smart phone using our simple online dashboard.  Once placed, prescriptions are sent directly to one of our partnered pharmacies who will dispense and ship your prescription directly to you!  Prescriptions require at least one yearly wellness consultation.
Scheduling is accessed through your OWL dashboard. Once you are ready, schedule a consult. You will be asked to update medical data, select therapies you are interested in, and provide the reason for your consult request.

Consults are scheduled in four 15-minute time slots per hour.  Our medical providers work diligently to stay on time and complete all consultations scheduled within each hour. Select a date and an open 15-minute time slot available. You will receive an email or text message when your appointment is near or when the medical provider is ready.

Example: If you choose one of the spots in the 1-2 pm hour block you will receive your consultation call between 1:00pm – 1:45pm, and it will be completed before 2pm.
Consultations should be completed within 15 minutes, depending on your wellness needs and your familiarity with the therapies. Our doctors try to stay on schedule, as everyone’s time is valuable. If you still have questions at the end of your 15-minute appointment, you can simply schedule another consultation at no cost. We switched to a subscription model to improve access to our providers.
We do not accept any insurance. Medical savings accounts (HSA, HRA, FSA, MSA) may allow you to use your account for payment for wellness products and services; however, you will need to contact your employer or medical savings account administrator for availability. You can manage and print invoices and prescriptions right from your dashboard if required for reimbursement.
We take your information’ privacy and security seriously. Our platform complies with all relevant privacy laws, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and implement strict security protocols to protect your information. We work with security companies to oversee our security measures for double protection. We are HIPAA Certified as well as PCI compliant.
TelewellnessMD®charges a $49.95 annual subscription fee that includes unlimited consultations with our medical providers. This consultation fee is far lower than typical wellness visit fees. We do everything possible to keep these costs to a minimum to pass the savings on to you.
TelewellnessMD® only offers wellness compounds that can be safely prescribed through a telemedicine format.  TeleWellnessMD® providers trained on the conditions and therapies that are outlined on our website and can prescribe any of these wellness medications and supplements. They will not prescribe any medications or therapies not provided on
TelewellnessMD® has partnered with preferred pharmacies with pre-negotiated rates and excellent customer service. The prescription therapies utilized in our protocols are available at these pharmacies. Several of the prescription therapies are proprietary blends that are not available outside of our pharmacy network. If the exact prescription therapy is available at another pharmacy, it is your right to have it filled at any pharmacy of your choice, and we can certainly help.

We don't provide a physical copy of your prescription, but please contact your wellness advisor through the secure instant message portal, email, or call us directly at 1-877-659-6050 with prescription transfers to another pharmacy.
No, each individual must create their own account and complete their own Wellness Consultation with one of our medical providers to receive any prescribed therapies. 
Many of our wellness therapies are ongoing and will need refills for continuation. Our medical providers understand this and will provide the necessary refills to safely and easily continue your therapy. Medication refills do not require another consultation, and you can access all of your prescription refills in your dashboard. Of course, you can always schedule a new consultation to discuss prescription changes or learn new therapies. Each TelewellnessMD® client will need at least one annual consultation to review your records and renew the annual subscription plan.
Per FDA regulations, prescription medications may not be returned once sent from the pharmacy. If you believe you have received an incorrect or damaged medication, please do not take the medication and contact customer service immediately.  If your medication has arrived damaged, do NOT throw anything away.  Please take pictures of packaging and medication, and call customer service so we can get the correct or replacement therapies sent out. If you received the correct medication and decide you do not want it, we cannot accept any returns and do not offer refunds for this situation.
All necessary supplies are included with your medication. These supplies commonly include: syringes, alcohol wipes, and bacteriostatic water for reconstitution (if necessary).
Please visit the FDA’s website to learn how to dispose of unused medicines, just click here.
We currently provide consultation services in all 50 states.
TelewellnessMD® medical providers consist of MDs, DOs, and ARNPs that have been trained by our medical staff, who have a combined 40 years of wellness medicine experience. You will be matched with a medical provider that is licensed in your state.
Yes, just like any medication therapy, you are allowed to travel with these prescriptions. Unused syringes are allowed when accompanied by an injectable medication. If you are checking a bag, they ask that you declare these items to security officers at the checkpoint for inspection. We recommend that you label medications to facilitate the security process, so keep prescription information if you know you will be traveling.
Yes, all prescription medications come from select partner pharmacies located within the United States.  All pharmacies are registered 503A or 503B compounding pharmacies and regulated by the FDA.
Many wellness prescriptions are not bulk pharmaceuticals, instead they need to be compounded specifically for you. Pharmacies may take up to 48 hours to process and dispense your medication for quality assurance. Pharmacies understand the importance of every prescription and work diligently to get all prescriptions processed as fast as possible.

You can select which shipping method you would like if you are interested in faster delivery. Note that some medications must be sent cold; therefore, they will be sent automatically overnight. You can track the status of your prescriptions right from your patient dashboard.
We do not currently offer auto-refills.  You will need to log into your account and place refill orders as needed. We do provide convenient refill reminders.
The section called “My Prescriptions” will list the prescriptions you personally selected as products of interest and any prescriptions you have purchased.

The section called “Provider Suggested Prescriptions” list the prescriptions the medical providers prescribed for you during your consultation, which are based off of your therapy goals and safe to add to your regimen. This allows you to fill these prescriptions at a later time at your convenience.
Many of our prescriptions are proprietary blends only familiar to our physicians and pharmacies. Due to this, we do not accept prescriptions from outside of our physician network.
Yes, we offer a medical prescribing platform called as well as wellness training. Please either email or call 1-866-801-8411 for more information.
Don't see your questions answered here? Don't worry. Just email us at or call us at  1-877-659-6050. We have trained wellness advisors standing by to take your call.

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